Panda Dog

Where did the Panda Dog come from?

The Panda Dog was invented by Kensuke Hirakawa after adopting an abandoned Maltese cross Poodle, called Colombo in 2005. Columbo was apparently abandoned because of his ugly looks. The unfortunate dog had all its canine teeth removed, a stiff hind leg and tear stained eyes. Who couldn’t feel sorry for him?

Having been a beautician and a former pet store owner, Mr Hirakawa decided to beautify his newly found friend. He used puppy safe hair dye to make Columbo look like the cuddly endangered Panda Bear. The result was overwhelming, with a massive and diverse response from the community.

Since Columbo was white, the owner simply hair dyed black circles around the eyes, the ears, hind and front legs and strips across the pooch’s back. Many scorned the idea as cruel for using chemicals on the animal and for altering its appearance. Others dismissed those perceptions as being overdramatic. The owner did use a dog-safe non-toxic hair dye.

The Panda Dog look turned famous overnight.

Numerous dog owners have taken up the designer Panda Dog trend, turning their so called bland poodles into a new hybrid wonder-breed. Is it the fascination of having something exotic or is it just standing out from the crowd? Whatever the reason, the trend has hit in a big way with pictures and opinions flooding the internet and even cartoon characters mimicking the Panda Dog.

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